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Supply Point Identifier (SPID supply ID)

Every business premises has a unique Supply Point Identifier to identify the water and/or sewerage supplies at the property. The Supply Point Identifier number is also known as a SPID number.

A SPID number lets the water retailer and your water wholesaler know where the properties access to water is.

The SPID number is very important as part of business water charges. It encompasses all of the chargeable data items related to the business premises including full meter details. Additionally, if the customer ever chose to switch business water retailers, the SPID number can be used as part of this process.

The SPID for each business premises will always remain the same. The only time your unique SPID will change is if you move to different premises with a different SPID number.

If the SPID number is required to aid moving retailers, you need to contact your current business retailer to ask for this.
If you were with Anglian Water Business (AWB) who now operate as Wave, please visit the Wave website for contact information. 

This is not relevant for domestic supplies.