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How is my bill calculated?

If you have a meter your bill will show charges for water and/or sewerage services.

The bill covers what you've used in cubic metres (m3) and daily charges for the bill period. The daily charge covers customer services such as reading your water meter, sending bills and dealing with enquires, the cost of maintaining your water connection to supply you with fresh clean water and where sewerages services are provided by us, the cost of surface water and highway drainage services. 

Prices change each year from the 1st of April. You can view your bills in MyAccountto see full details and prices or visit our website to learn more.

Tariffs & charges

If your home’s unmetered, our charge is based on its Rateable Value (RV), plus a fixed charge.

This RV value was set in March 1990 using multiple factors including the size of your home, number of rooms and amenities in your area. Although RVs are no longer set by councils, we still have to use the values fixed in 1990 or earlier as the basis for our charges.

You can view your bills in MyAccount to see full details and prices or visit our website to learn more.

Standard charges tariff