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What are Fixed charges for?

Fixed charges vary depending on whether you're charged on a meter or not:

The measured fixed charge is included in all bills, and covers:

  • Customer services such as reading your water meter, sending bills and dealing with enquiries.
  • The cost of maintaining the connection; and
  • Where sewerage services are provided, the cost of drainage services,

The unmeasured fixed charges are used to ensure a fair balance between low and high rateable value (RV) bills.  Our research has shown us that households with a high RV use more water than low RV households but usage does not increase directly in line with RV. Therefore a fixed charge ensures that customers are charged more in line with their usage.

We do offer a number of different tariffs which you may be entitled to. More information can be found on our Tariffs and Charges page.

Otherwise you can Contact us to discuss your charges further.