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Your personal data

To allow payment to be made Anglian Water will pass on the following information to Ecospend:

  • Your payment reference number
  • The amount you want to pay

How we share the data

We share your data with Ecospend using an API (Application Programming Interface).

This is a secure way to share details without having to reveal any of your information to anyone other than Ecospend and your bank.

How we use your data

Ecospend will use your data to make a payment request to your bank. They will fill in the payment reference and amount, so that you do not have to input these.

You need to log in into your online banking or mobile app to approve your payment. Your bank will then action the payment request.

Your password and login details will only be shared with your bank.

How you give consent

By selecting ‘approve this payment’ you are consenting to this policy and giving your permission to be transferred to your bank to make the payment.

You will be redirected to your bank or building society to securely log in and approve the payment.