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Update email address

You are able to update your contact information by calling us on 03457 919 155.

Alternatively, if you are registered for MyAccount, you can complete this in the 'My Profile' section, selecting the personal details option. From here you can update your registered email address to a new one.

This will then send an email to your new and old email addresses to confirm the change.

Once you log out of MyAccount the changes will take effect, and you will use your new email address to log in next time. 

If for some reason you experience issues logging in with your new email address, this is best resolved by using the reset password as this is likely the cause.

You can also access your account using the security question instead of a password, should you be having issues logging in using an old email address which you are unable to receive emails to under a password reset.

If you are still having problems, give us a call where we would be happy to help.