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Why are there traffic lights on my street?

If we've been carrying out work in your area, we're sorry for any inconvenience caused. We're not always able to let customers know that work will be carried out, especially when there has been a burst or some other unplanned problem.

We do log and provide updates on work on our Report an Issue website, but apologise again for any inconvenience that you may have been caused.

Reporting an issue with us online is easy. You can keep track of the issue and the work we're doing to fix it from your computer or smartphone. Just visit Report an issue. Alternatively please give us a call on 03457 145 145 so we can investigate things for you.

If you prefer to chat with someone online, one of our dedicated Live Chat agents will be happy to help. If someone is available to chat the option will be displayed at the top right of this chat box, or you can find a full list of available contact methods and opening times on our Contact us page.