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Can I have a refund and when will it be received?

If you have received a bill showing that you have a credit balance you can contact us to request for it to be refunded.

If you have already requested a refund, you should have received a text message confirming the date of the refund and the amount. If you have not received this and it has been more than 5 working days please contact us

If you have received one of our proactive refund SMS messages and you reply asking for the refund, this will be processed and be with you in 5 working days.

If you are waiting to hear if you will have a credit due to be returned following a leak, please Contact Us to discuss this further. 

You can also request a refund through Live Chat. If someone is available to talk the Live Chat icon will appear at the top of this chat box. Alternatively, we are happy to help you on WhatsApp.