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Essex and Suffolk Water Combined Bills

You currently get two bills for your water and sewerage services – one from Essex & Suffolk Water for the water you use at home, and a bill from us for your sewerage services, for taking away and cleaning the wastewater that goes down your drains, sinks and toilet.

To make things as simple as we can, we’re working together so that in the future you’ll get one bill for both water and sewerage charges. Essex & Suffolk Water will send your bill for everything, meaning you’ll no longer have two separate bills to pay.

Good news, you don’t have to do anything. In fact, we’re doing this to make things easier for customers all-round: one bill, one payment, and one company for you to contact about things like changing payments or moving home in the future. Keeping it simple and making it easy for you.

It’ll take us around six months to move all our customers to single bills. We’ll be in touch when it’s your turn, to tell you more. You’ll then get a final bill or statement from us for your sewerage services.

Essex & Suffolk Water will also be in touch when your account moves over with more information about your new combined water and sewerage bill and any new payments you’ll make moving forward.

After your final bill from us, all new charges for your sewerage services will be included with your bill from Essex & Suffolk Water. You’ll no longer receive a separate bill from Anglian Water. We’ll still be able to help you with any sewerage queries, but Essex & Suffolk Water will handle all billing queries after you move to a single bill.

If you have a balance to pay on your final sewerage bill this will still need to be paid to Anglian Water. We’ll explain what to do when we next get in touch. So we keep it simple for you, we’re working together to make sure everything is clearly explained as we make these changes.

In the meantime, if you’re struggling to pay your bill, please contact us. There’s lots of ways Anglian Water and Essex & Suffolk Water can help you.

You can also find answers to common questions about this change, at anglianwater.co.uk/onebill or eswater.co.uk/onebill.