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What can I flush down the toilet?

Anglian Water along with the water industry in the UK now have a flushability standard called Fine to Flush. Any wipes or other products meeting this standard will be awarded with a Fine to Flush logo on it's packaging, meaning it's safe to flush - keep looking out for this logo on products. You can read about it on the Water UK website.

Only these products displaying a Fine to Flush logo can be flushed, everything else should be put in the bin. There are some wipes on the market that say they are 'flushable'. These have not met Fine to Flush standards and should also be placed in the bin after use.

Most wipes like baby wipes and all sanitary products (tampon, pads etc.) currently on the market display a Do No Flush logo and should be disposed of in the bin. If you would like more information please visit our Keep it Clear page to look at how we work to keep sewers clear.