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How are you using my meter reading data?

Your meter will record hourly data on a daily basis. However, we will need your consent to view your hourly water usage in MyAccount.

To make sure we can still detect for continuous flow or high consumption at your property, we will only look at the meter reads between 3 - 4am. If there is any flow detected, we will check this over three consecutive days to ensure we haven't made any errors or alerted you incorrectly about a potential leak.

For the purpose of helping manage our networks and water supplies more efficiently and plan for future investment, we will analyse the trends and patterns of water used from the meter at local and regional view so the data is anonymous and not linked to any property.

Our Customer Privacy Notice has more information about the data we collect, what we use it for and how we look after it. We also have an Enhanced Metering Privacy Notice which provides more information about enhanced metering data.