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How do I provide a meter reading?

Reading your meter is easy.

If you have an older style meter (non-digital) the black digits with a white background indicate the cubic metres used. These are the numbers you'll need when you submit your meter reading.

If you have a digital meter, there are two styles you might come across:
  • There may be two rows of numbers, one in a black box and another in red. We do not need the numbers in red for your reading.
  • You may also see just one row of numbers, all in black with a comma before the last 3 numbers. You only need the numbers that come before the comma for your reading, although reads from this meter should be readily available for you to view by using MyAccount or by contacting us.

Our system asks for 6 numbers, so if you have less than this on your meter please add zeros (0) onto the front of the reading to make 6 digits.

We have information on to help on our how to read your meter page which may help you further. 

You only need to provide the numbers in the top row when submitting your meter reading, which you can do using our simple online form, or by calling us on 03457 919 155.

Alternatively, you can submit meter readings and manage your Anglian Water account online using MyAccount.

These options are only available for domestic customer's who have an account with Anglian Water. If you are a business customer please contact your retailer to provide your meter reading in relation to your account.

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